Cooking Chillies Book

Cooking Chillies – Recipes and Ideas to Make the Most of a Chilli Harvest

This is my second book, released on 17th October 2014.

You can buy it through Amazon and all other online book sellers as well as high street bookshops.

It follows on from ‘Growing Chillies’ and, as the title suggests, deals with all the many things you can do with the chillies you have grown. Hopefully anyone who follows the first guide will end up with a bountiful crop that will need to be dried, preserved, cooked and enjoyed. It isn’t exclusively for the grower, I have made sure that any of the chillies used in the book are ones that are readily available, albeit seasonally, from shops or specialist suppliers, and it is likely that the enthusiastic chilli cook will already have lots of them on standby.

The book is illustrated with around 140 colour photographs of the chillies and each of the recipes they are used in.

There are chapters on drying, smoking, pickling and sauce making as well as 50 recipes for snacks, meals and desserts. Hopefully these chapters are simple to follow, but they also deal with a little of the science involved in preservation, and some tips based on what happens in the commercial world and how you can use these to your advantage at home. The recipes very much illustrate my own tastes, but they are wide ranging and include a few ‘modern classics’ such as chilli jam, chocolate, and ice cream, as well as traditional Mexican and South American dishes.

I hope you enjoy it, and as always, I am open to feedback and questions through Twitter, Facebook or Email.

For Slovenian Readers there is now a translation – Kuhajmo s Cilijem, available from September. You can buy it online from the publishers here

Kuhajmo s Cilijem - Cooking Chillies Slovenian Translation

Kuhajmo s Cilijem – Cooking Chillies Slovenian Translation




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