Growing Chillies Book


This book can be purchased easily in the UK, you buy it in paper, ebook and Kindle through Amazon, direct from the publisher, or from high street bookshops. Here is a general outline of what it is all about.

It is illustrated with 112 photos which not only shows how colourful chillies can be, and what a successful growing season can bring, but also examples of what people should not do and what pest damage or disease looks like. It goes against my nature to starve plants of food, light and water, or to deliberately use lovely chilli plants to satisfy the hunger of pests, but in some cases that is what I did in order to illustrate both good and bad practice. So some of the pictures are very practical and informative rather than beautiful, but I hope they are of help.

Having spent many years advising both novice and experts on all aspects of chilli growing, there was one thing I wanted to make sure of when writing this book, and that was simply to convey the things people need to know in order to grow chillies successfully without diluting the information to the point where they find it difficult to extract what they need. There is a bit of chilli background, and a small section on preserving chillies for cooking, but there are hundreds of chilli cookery books available, and plenty of them contain lots of chilli history and folk lore, and I wanted this to be a practical guide and an easy reference book for the chilli grower and I hope I have succeeded, only time will tell.


Jak Pestovat Chilli -Growing Chillies now available in Czech Language

Jak Pestovat Chilli -Growing Chillies now available in Czech Language

Gojenje Cilijev - Now available in Slovenian Language

Gojenje Cilijev – Now available in Slovenian Language

Growing Chillies is increasingly available in European languages, currently Slovenian, Czech and German.

You can buy in Slovenia from the publishers Ebesede, and in Czech Republic from

For the German version you can buy from bookshops or online from



chilis anbauen - Growing Chillies - Germany

Chilis Anbauen – Now available in German language





Good luck in your chilli growing, I hope the book serves you well and if you wish to share your experiences then please feel free to contact me.



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